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day II

Alrighty- had a good day today. I made it to the gym, grabbed my midterm (a staggering 75%, but I'm still dropping the class), finished one of two gating systems, and discovered that chapters has nothing in the way of bookbinding instruction. But, der, I should probably check the massive ART SCHOOL LIBRARY of OCAD. They most likely will have something. 

I also actually managed to buy groceries, and eat a real dinner, in my apartment, that I cooked, for the first time in I dunno how long. 

So, tomorrow, I'm planning on finishing the second gating system, exploring the OCAD library, hitting the gym, and possibly investigating the paint situation at the nearest Canadian Tire.

So that's that. Woo00OO00ooo


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what's a gating system? i'm intrigued...

really good to hear that you had a good day *props*
ah, the gating system is a network of wax bars that you attach to your wax sculpture to control the flow of the metal into the mold, as well as to vent gas so you don't get air bubbles in your work. it has to be perfect, because the ceramic shell mold, made by dipping sculpture/gating system into a ceramic slurry, is a one shot thing because you break it off the cast bronze piece at the end.