boston_marriage (boston_marriage) wrote,

... I haven't slept in my apartment for 9 days and counting...a couple of nights were spent wandering the streets, hanging out in a 24/7 Tim's, and spending 45 minutes asleep on a park bench in the Grange...

I either need some really strong sedatives, or a new place to live, pronto.

I've spent the last three or so days at Mac's house in Niagara on the Lake. I love it here. His mom is really a sweetheart, his dad is fun, and his sister is this fun, crazy, actress type who is my age. I also love his dogs. I've caught up on some sleep, but I don't know where I'm sleeping tonight. Mac's giving me the keys to his place, even though it looks rather as though it SHOULD have roaches, it apparently doesn't, so far as he knows. So there's a bed there.

Man. I'm getting really goddamn sick of Toronto all around, and now that we're looking for a new place, it's just like fuck...I'm never going to get out of this city.

But oh well.

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